Zabjak is the highest town in the Balkans. It is situated at an altitude of 1456 m, in the very centre of the giant Durmitor mountain range and represents a most attractive destination for winter tourism. In the close vicinity there is the deepest canyon in Europe (secound deepest canyon in World, after Colorado canyon, USA), the magnificent canyon of the Tara river. This small town in the northern part of Montenegro is surrounded by numerous lakes and a large number of mountain tops. The natural beauty that exist all around Zabljak attracts a large number of tourists in the summer time as well.
The fact that Durmitor mountain range is covered with 1500 species of various plants in the out-of-winter season, is a good enough reason to visit this small town. Manifestations such as the Days of the Mountain Flowers and the Angel Cup enrich the tourist offer of Zabljak, and the monasteries and churches in the vicinity of the town contribute to the development of the religious tourism. Rafting on the Tara river is definitely a special attraction for the extreme sports lovers.

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