Tivat - Cultural and Historic Monuments

Summer Residence Buca

It is located in the centre of Tivat. This complex is a harmonius renaissance unit with a few late gothic details. It consists of five establishments: a residence, a commercial house, a little chapel dedicated to St Mihovil, and the porch a multipurpose entrance.

This monument has been revitalised and the residential building is used as a gallery, and the garden as an open-air stage. Here exhibitions, literary nights, concerts, etc are organised, and it is used by the Centre for Culture Tivat which also has a movie theatre, i.e. a stage for theatre performances.

Complex of the Holy Archangel Michaels Monastery

At the peninsula of Prevlaka there are the remains of the Holy Archangel Michaels monastery that marked a significant period in the history of this area 11 th to 14 th centuries. This is place where originally there was a Benedictine monastery, and as of the mid 13 th century St. Sava set at Prevlaka the seat of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Zeta. The Venetians tore down the Monastery in 1452. There are still the remains of the monastery that was 21m long and 12.5m wide. In 19 th century near the church, on its eastern side, the Holy Trinity church was built by Countess Ekatarina Vlasteleinovic. This is one of the most significant natural and culture-historic units.

Our Lady of Graces Island

It is located between the coast of Krtoli and the Island of St. Nicholas . This island is barely 200m wide and half of it is covered by the monastery of Our Lady of Grace. It is not known when the earliest sacral buildings were constructed on the island. By the end of 19 th century the island became the residence of Kotor bishops. Today this is a Jesuitical monastery.The monastery church was renovated by the Kotor bishop Frano Ucelini Tice. Regarding the movable heritage, there is a valuable wooden statue of Our Lady of Grace, believed to be miraculous.

St Peters Chuirch

It is located at Gradac hill in the village of Bogdasici , some 4km away from Tivat. It is believed that originally it was a Benedictine abbey. One inscription was written in Old Slavonic and speaks of the construction of this church at the time of Zeta metropolitan Neofit from 1268 1269. Although very damaged, the frescoes represent some of finest artistic achievements of 13 th century. There is the composition of the Holy Spirits Descent to the apostles on the vault.

The Church of the St Anthony of Padua

It was built in 1734. Together with the parish registry and the paved yard it makes a unit being a unique social centre of Tripovici. From the hill where it is located the view opens to the whole western part of the Bay. The church treasures the picture of St Peter and St Paul , painted by an Italian artist called Francesco. The additional altar was built in honour of Our Lady Rosaria.

St Marys Church

It is located in Gornja Lastva. It was built in 15 th century. It is placed on the most prominent position dominating the valley where Gornja Lastva is placed.

St Roccos Church

It is located in Donja Lastva at the very seafront. It was built in 1901 together with its belfry. The church houses an interesting icon of St. Tryphon, a work by the famous Greek icon-painter Ilija Moskos. There is also the alter piece of St. Rocco by Mihail Florio from Prcanj.

St. Savas Church

It is located in the centre of the town. Its construction started in 1938, and it was completed in 1967.
There are also the churches of St Johns in Bogdasici, St Srdj, Nikola and Diomitrys, St Mihovils, St Anthonys in Kalimanj, St Vids and Our Lady of Angels.

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