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Tivat - General Information

Tivat is located in the central part of the Boka Kotorska Bay and covers the area of 46 km2 with the population of 15,000. It has the typical Mediterranean climate with temperate but rainy winters, and clear and warm summers. Mean annual air temperature is 15 C. This is the most insolated place in Boka Kotorska. Along the Tivat coastline there is a range of attractive small ports, coves and beaches with the total area of 30,000 m2.

As for the origin of the name of Tivat, there are several differing opinions. The most plausible one says that the name of Tivat may be traced back to the Illyrian queen Teuta who for a while had Risan as the capital of her empire, and maybe had some summer residences near todays Tivat. The following periods may clearly be distinguished in the history of the Boka: Illyrian, Roman-Byzantine, Serbian, Venetian-Turkish and Austrian. The coast of the Tivat Bay has seen all these as testified both by numerous archaeological finds and existing monuments of old architecture as well as written historic documents.

As a town, Tivat started to be developed in late 19 th century when the navy port Arsenal was established. Until Arsenal had been built, the land there mostly belonged to feudal nobility from Prcanj, Perast, Dobroata and Kotor. Today, Tivat is a modern town geared towards developing tourism as a priority field.

Natural heritage

Natural heritage includes its vegetation: olives, cypresses, palms, laurels, lemons, oranges and other tropical plants. In Tivat flowers bloom all over the year: oleanders, mimosas, camellias, roses, narcissuses, hyacinths, and in early spring almonds, wild plums, and other fruits. The town park in Tivat is one of the most beautiful and largest in Boka, having very diverse trees brought by seafarers from various parts of the world. Two among them arise special interest: two eucharis trees, not found anywhere else in the whole Balkans. Here the sea is clean and the air refreshing, which contributes for the visitors to feel well during their stay in Tivat.

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