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Tivat - Local Attractions

The Town Park

Extraordinary climate conditions made it possible for diverse species of exotic plants brought by seafarers from all over the world to grow in the Tivat Park , being the largest in Boka.

Gornja Lastva

is located in the hinterlands of Tivat, at an altitude of 300m above the sea level, at the slopes of the Vrmac hill. This village was mentioned as early as 14 th century and is one of the rare well preserved rural units which attracts numerous day-visitors and tourists.

Medieval summerhouse of Buca family

is located in the centre of Tivat. It is a fortified summer residence unique at our coasts. It was established more than half a millennium ago. Today, this revitalised monument has been given modern purpose: it houses the gallery of the town of Tivat , and has a nice little stage within its garden.

"Prno" Beach (Plavi horizont The Blue Horizon)

is located at the southern part of the Boka Kotorska Bay , facing the open seas. It is one of the most beautiful beaches at the coast of Montenegro . One specific feature of this beach is that it is surrounded by olive and pine trees where swimmers and sunbathers often seek shelter from the sun.

Vrmac Hiking paradise

Hiking along the paths at Vrmac, one may enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature, numerous plant species and at the same time the beauty of rural architecture revealing the craftsmanship of people once living at Vrmac. The highest peaks are: Sveti Ilija 785 m, Velji vrh 712 m, isti vrh 616 m, Popova glava 584 m, Sveti Vid 440 m.

There are other places worth seeing along the Tivat Riviera, from Lepetane to Krasici and Radovici.

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