Island of Gospa od Skpjela

Island of Gospa od Skrpjela is one of two marvelous islands in Boka Kotorska bay located in sea near Perast in municipality of Kotor. Other island that also should be visited is island of St. George. This island is also called Island of dead captains because according the legend a French soldier, firing a gun toward Perast, hit house of his loved girl and killed her. That legend was reason for masterpiece Island of the dead of Swiss painter Beklin. Island of Gospa of Skrpjela is artificial island that according stories seamen from Kotor and Perast created bringing with their sailing vessels large stones. There is a church at the island. According a legend Perast fishermen after a shipwreck near the island found at a sea rock icon of Holy Mary with Christ and devoted to build a church at the island. They did so in 1630. As the island had to be kept, seamen continued bringing stones and this tradition last to day. This old time custom is renewed recently. Today it is called Peraska fasinada and takes place in sunset of July 22. It is easy to get to both islands from Kotor. Visit to islands in summer period can be very interesting part of entertainment during a day. Transport to island can be organized as excursion with tourist boats. It is the easiest to get informed in tourist organization of Kotor, tourist agencies or personally in Kotor port or along Kotor shore with owners of tourist taxi boats.

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