Cathedral of St.Tripun

Kotor is the most famous for its old town cathedral of St. Tripun. This shrine is mentioned for the first time in 9 th century when relics of St. Tripun were brought in it. He was a martyr in time of Roman Emperor Decia in 3 rd century. Chronicle witness that this shrine was destructed by fire in 10 th century and built again in 12 th century. Cathedral of St. Tripun is built in Romanic stile with elements of Byzantium architecture. Earthquakes struck it and its look changed. Elements of renaissance and baroque are specially seen. European Union and organization Europe Nostra, award this cathedral diploma in 2002 for great repair work and seismic insurance of the oldest Romanic cathedral at Adriatic coast. As the most important monument and symbol of old town, cathedral of St. Tripun, has rich treasury such as gilded altar, baroque frescos, great number of ornaments of great value.

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