Prokletije, wondrous mountains that for its crudeness and wild attract travelers of adventurous nature to come over and over again. These giants as scarves from glacier erosion at first meeting give impression of respect and passion. Prokletije are located in east part of Montenegro. Larger part of Prokletije goes into Albania. Marvelous mountain of Prokletije starts from Zeta-Scadar valley and ends with tops Bogicevice, Cakor and Rugova and there is located highest of enormous 2656 meters belonging to Albania. Highest mountaintop of Prokletije belonging to Montenegro is 2358 meters high and is located at Bogicevice. Untouched beauty of these mountains represents waste wealth. Scenes reminding of the loveliest stone sculptures, steep cliffs rising above clouds, circes and sources of many rivers, Prokletije are among top 10 tourist attractions of Montenegro.

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