Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is literal translation of that word NO SEE. It is a privilege only to most stubborn, brave and immense lovers of nature. Mystery and excitement that take over you after mentioning canyon of Nevidio, ensure fact that it is explored only in 1965. First to see untouched pearl of nature were mountaineers of association Javorak from Niksic. Canyon Nevidio is in fact canyon of the River Komarnica. Its length is about 4 km and width in some places is amazing 25 cm. Rocks rising along canyon are so steep and passages are so narrow that in one moment that scene in true meaning of sense takes breath. Canyon Nevidio represents a kind of gallery of nature whose sculptures are carved by stones and water. Small quantity of light and river of so low temperature made flora and fauna to adapt to specific conditions and that makes canyon Nevidio secret and place of fairy tales. This tourist attraction of enormous wealth at end can be visited only by experienced and chosen mountaineers, those searching continuously for adventure. Canyon Nevidio although explored will remain distant for many and its stone piles will keep one of the loveliest masterpieces of nature of this region.

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