The Park is located at wide mountain region in North West of Montenegro, limited by Rivers Piva and Tara between which there are 23 mountain tops over 2300 meters of altitude. Park is 39000 acres large and includes 82 kilometers of canyon of the Tara with altitude of 1600 meters above level of the River. Office of the Park is in Zabljak.


Region of Durmitor is the most important part of Dinara range of mountains characterized by high tops, abundant forests, deep gorges. Canyon of Tara is the largest in Europe and has over 1500 kinds of flora and 130 kinds of birds.There are 17 glacier Lakes in the Park as the highest top in Montenegro Bobotov kuk (2522 m). Since 1980 Park and canyon of Tara are under protection of UNESCO. 1977 canyon was proclaimed world ecological reserve. Seven zones of Park are among special protected areas (ICUM):

  • Uncut forest of fir
  • Black pine at Crna poda
  • Canyon of Susica
  • Region of lake Barno
  • Region of Lake Zaboljsko
  • Canyon of Tara
  • Milling stream

Large number of 314 protected animals in Montenegro, including 163 kinds of birds live in region of Durmitor.


Because of large battle that took place in WWII in vicinity of Zabljak there are eight historic monuments. Other historic places and monuments are scattered at south and north part of the Park. Although is still not made complete archeological exploration, starting founding show to existence of traces from Mesolithic period to now.


Recreation has important place among activities at National Park Durmitor. Tracking, mountaineering, Alpine and Nordic skiing, rafting on Tara river, fishing, camping and visits by bus or car are ways of recreation that are done in the Park.

History of the Park:

Kingdom of Montenegro put Crno Jezero ( Black Lake) and its surrounding as River Tara under kings protection. On September 06, 1952 Assembly of people Republic of Montenegro proclaimed mountain Durmitor as National Park. Assembly of Socialist Republic of Montenegro broadened National Park Durmitor with canyon of Tara on February 03, 1978. Space plan of Park was made in 1995.

Transport and connection:

Park can be reached from Beograd, first by highway to Pljevlja and than over river of Tara to Zabljak and Mojkovac. From Podgorica to the Park usually goes through canyon of Moraca to Mojkovac and than to Zabljak. Considering that there is no functional Airport near there is no air transport to Zabljak. There is bus line from Podgorica to Pljevlja and Zabljak. By train Beograd Bar transport is made to Mojkovac.


Source: Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro, Plan for Future of National Parks of Montenegro and development of entrepreneurship, FLAG International.