Monastery Ostrog

Travel to this shrine you can start by arrival to Cetinje. In Cetinje there are another religious destination Monastery of Cetinje. Monastery of Cetinje was built in 1701. Turks several times destroyed it but people rebuild it. There are kept relics of St. Petar Cetinjski one of the most glorious personality of history of Montenegro. Monastery of Cetinje represented spiritual and politic center of Montenegrin people.

Road leads further to Podgorica and then along green fields of Bjelopavlici plain toward Niksic where in its vicinity at height of 900 m is located Monastery of Ostrog. When you come for the first time in front of Monastery of Ostrog your first thought will be that this is not work of men. This glorious monastery is located high above Bjelopavlici plain, carved in stone that as though keep centennial secrets of this sanctuary. Monastery of Ostrog was founded by Metropolitan Vasilije in 17th century. The most impressive part of monastery is Gornji Ostrog. There are two small churches: upper church dedicated to Holy Cross. Other, lower church in upper Monastery is dedicated to Vavedenje of Holy Mary. Ostrog is visited by people of all religions and nations. This sanctuary is one of the most visited in Christian world. At return you can have a lunch at location and source of Glava Zete near Danilovgrad. Here you can treat yourself with river trout with inevitable glass of wine.

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Monastry Cetinje And Ostrog