Cetinje, Lovcen, Njegusi and Kotor

We recommend this trip to history lovers. On this trip you will become acquainted with Montenegrin royal dynasty and you will come to know about Montenegro through its rulers.

Road leads to Cetinje, capital of Montenegro a proud town that in its time abounded in embassies and foreign representative buildings that even today imbue Cetinje.There are at Cetinje museums, King Nicolas Palace and Monastery of Cetinje where is kept relic – hand of St. John Baptist. One should also visit Biljarda building made by Petar II Petrovic Njegos, for state purpose that gained its name after billiard pool that this great philosopher, writer and statesman liked to play.

From Cetinje road leads to NP Lovcen where is mausoleum of Njegos built at very top of this mountain to which lead innumerable staircase. This is at the same time one of the loveliest Bellevue from where there is a view to Montenegrin littoral and when the weather is clear you can see coast of Italy.

What first wait you upon arrival at Njegusi, birth place of dynasty Petrovic, is hospitality of local inhabitants. With obligatory Njegusi ham and cheese they will offer also mead, healthy and unusual beverage. The house where was born Njegos is typical Montenegrin house built of stone and is inevitable location on this trip through history. There are kept memories and reminders to this exquisite man that gave as masterpiece as Wreath of Mountains that are among top world literature.

Narrow and winding road leads us to Kotor. This road in ancient times was the only connection of Cetinje and littoral. Scenery is breathtaking and pause for taking pictures is obligatory. View to BokaKotorska bay from up here is unreal. All Boka mirrors in blue color of the sea and Kotor tucked sleeps in breasts of high cliffs. After arrival at Kotor you only need a camera. Enjoy!!!

Cetinje, Lovcen, Njegusi, Kotor – Photo Gallery

Monastry Cetinje and Blue Palace

Biljarda And Cetinje

Lovcen And Mausoleum of Njegos