Montenegrin National Drinks:


Montenegro is characteristic by an extremely immense water treasure. Profiled as an ecological state it devotes a lot of attention to preservation of natural treasures and qualities, especially when we are talking about food and drink. In the majority of European countries bottled drinking water dominates.

In Montenegro you can drink water from any drinking fountain in the country and e completely sure that you are drinking exquisite well water richer with minerals and healthy ingredients than any bottled water in Europe. Montenegrin Rivers are extremely rich with calcium and hydro carbonates, so all the water which comes into the households all over Montenegro keeps its quality and is absolutely recommendable for drinking during any period of the year.

North of Montenegro is very rich with the wells of mineral water, where on several locations, especially in the surrounding of Bijelo Polje, one can find wells of mineral water or as people like to call them, of sour water (fizzing water). These wells are known for centuries, and the local people and numerous tourists do not miss the opportunity to drink a glass of water directly from the well in an unusual rural ambience. The quality of water was confirmed by the highest European institutions so lately everyone is talking about project of export of Montenegrin waters on the world market which are worth millions.

With a decade old tradition of bottling of water Rada from Bijelo Polje could be your first choice in getting to know the drinks of Montenegro. Light and easily digestible mineral water from the surrounding of Bijelo Polje for decades is found on the tables all over Montenegro. Gorska, mineral bottled water from the slopes of Durmitor beside the visual and other sensual representations, which the national park offers, will allow you to feel the taste and freshness of the north of Montenegro.