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Tourism in Kotor


When we are talking about tourism, in that area, Kotor is not the greatest town. Considering the fact that mainly it is a town of the extraordinary cultural value, for centuries it developed in that direction. The number of sandy beaches is almost led down to a minimum. A culturally – historical town of Kotor, has several stony beaches, mostly in front of hotels. On them you have 2 or 3 rows of easy chairs with parasols. The summers are warm and dry, and the winters are mild and humid. The average temperature doesn’t surpass 15, 2 ºC. 213 days in a year are without any wind, and the swimming season lasts for 144 days in a year. Two sandy beaches, with very small capacities, are found in the places Orahovac and Ljuta, and they are several kilometers away from the center of the town, on the way towards Risan.

You can often see smaller cafés situated along the stony shore or by the lower part of the road in Kotor, on which except the summer refreshment with various juices, or drinks, visitors are offered with easy chairs for sunbathing and umbrellas, as well as the swimming in the sea of bay of Boka Kotorska.

If the nature itself and Kotor charm you that much that there is no reason for you to spend your vacation in some other town on the Montenegrin coast, then we are convinced that you will manage with the swimming and sunbathing in Kotor. After all, almost every visitor or guest of Kotor will easily confirm you, that the refreshment from summer heats is simple even in Kotor, which almost doesn’t have sandy beaches. Actually, if the enjoyment and relaxing in the sea is most important for you, then we can say that Koto wit its stony shore – instead of real beaches – is an ideal place for you. If you follow our short rule, you will easily have a good rest. Here is how you’re going to do that: bring a bigger towel with yourself, find any part of the smooth stony shore, sit for a while, 1 – 2 minutes prepare yourself, jump into the water, have a nice swim, come back, dry yourself and after that observe the far blue shore, from the place where the murmur of other swimmers will not disturb your peace of which you have dreamt, in your big towns from which you are coming.