Rijeka Crnojevica

Tucked in peace of the Lake Scadar this little town stopped the time. Once upon a time it was one of the most important trading centers in this region, it left behind scenery that enchants anybody that comes to this breathtaking place. Rijeka Crnojevica got its name after Ivan Crnojevic than ruler of Montenegro, escaping from Turkish advances move its capital to Obod, one hill above Rijeka. Rijeka Crnojevica in this time was gathering place of tradesmen of different religions and the spirit of tolerance was always present and neatly cared for. One of main products was dry ukljeva (endemic fish). Rich Italian traders paid it plenty as to bring it to their tables. Today Rijeka Crnojevica is famous for its bridge built by Prince Danilo in 1853, its mild climate for which family Petrovici built here their winter residence, for lovely scenery that calms and do not give you to get back to city life, for vineyards and waterfall, that will meet you at source of the River Crnojevic.

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