Budva – ancient little town on the very seashore hides rich historic background. Ancient history reaches to 5 th century B.C. According numerous legends Budva was first the town of Illyrians. Its first inhabitants were the king of historically known Thebes – Cadmus and queen Harmonia.Old town is trademark of Budva, built one an island once connected with sand isthmus to main land and so became peninsula. Old Budva town is unique architectonic and urban unit that as settlement was mentioned in antic times. According these sources Budva is one of the oldest urban centers at the Adriatic Sea over 2,500 years old. Walls of Old town were and are attraction as for home so for tourists from farthest parts of the world. They ware from the Middle Ages when this regions ruled Venetians. Certain demolition of urban center of Old town suffered two times, first in 1667 and then in 1979 in huge earthquakes. When you first time visit Old town of Budva you might think that you are in a labyrinth, because of little streets, squares, walls and towers from late Middle Ages. At the ground floors of houses today are galleries, shops, cafes, boutiques,… In old town there is city fortress Citadela, from 5 th – 6 th century AD. In the town are also church of St. Ivan – monumental three-nave basilica, built in 7 th century, the oldest building St. Mary’s of Punta from 840 AD and church of Holy Trinity built in 1804.

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