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For those who are in Herceg Novi exclusively because of the sea, sun and summer enjoyment, it is best that they spend their vacation discovering Herceg Novi beaches. To the majority of the beaches which are not so close, other will make sure that they do not look so distant. So, to the beaches in Meljine, Bijela, Kumbor, and Djenovici etc… you can easily get by car. If that is not your choice, try to find a solution by driving with taxi boats, barges or some other floating vehicle. Follow the same rule if for a day or two you wish to change the town or the beach at which you wish to stay for the first time. The owners of the tourist taxi boats or barges offer various kinds of arrangements which allow you to meet some of the numerous Novi beaches, excursion places, distant coves and capes on a daily basis.

Let’s go in order. The most popular and most unusual shorter trip starts with a tourist taxi boat or barge and leads you to the very unusual place – a cave which is better known by the name “Plava spilja” (BLUE GROTTO). That attractive cave is situated on the peninsula Lustica, between the cove Zlatna luka (GOLDEN HARBOR) and the cape Mokra gora (WET HILL). It got the name by unusually blue water which is created by the reflection of the sun beams which during the days when the sky is clear reflect themselves on the surface of water. When you jump into the water, you will feel that it is unusually warm and clear. The temperature of the sea water in the cave “Plava spilja” is often several degrees warmer that the water outside of it. The height of the cave up to the final spot on the top of the attic is 9 m, while the depth is 3 – 4 meters. The cave is 9 nautical miles away from Herceg Novi. Also, the programs have mini excursions in which the visits to trip areas such as Zanjice, cove Miriste, Island Mamula are included.

To all the mentioned places you are taken by the tourist mini boats, which mostly work from 9 to 13 hours, while they organize your come back for the afternoon, usually from 17 to 20 hours. Several hours which you have to spend in some of the mentioned places, you can use for swimming, sunbathing, resting in easy chairs, having lunch in restaurants which are located in this trip areas, or simply thinking about where to go tomorrow.

If it seems to you that your vacation is not well designed, and if you wish to see and experience Montenegro, as well as Herceg Novi in a different way, as much as it is possible you can visit local culturally – historical monuments such as: Sahat kula (CLOCK TOWER). Fortress Forte Mare, Kanli kula, Spanjola (ESPANOLA) etc… A great number of tourist agencies organize also the visits to Montenegrin monasteries, trips over the Skadar Lake, and one day trips to Dubrovnik.