Herceg Novi

Where to go & what to see

Recreation in Herceg Novi

Except the fact that people from Novi welcome their guests in a very original and hospitable way, they also try to skillfully organize numerous activities that serve for recreation.

For years the tourists who can’t imagine their staying at the seaside without an additional recreation, that not being the rest on the beach and swimming in the clean water of the Adriatic Sea or refreshment in the hotel pool with the unavoidable massage, are seeking recreation paths, which, believe us when we say that, Herceg Novi is full of.

The first recreation zone to which local people or sports funs and funs of healthy way of life, will direct you is situated in the hinterland of Herceg Novi, from 275 m to 281 m height above sea level. That place is called Kotobilj, and you can reach it walking up the marked path for about 30 minutes. There you will see a black hill forest and numerous kinds of medicinal herbs. If you direct yourself east from the town, for some 35, 45 minutes of walk you can reach a gorgeous park Savinska dubrava (SAVINSKA GROVE), which is situated in the place called Meljine. Park is rich with cypress, pine, chestnut, hornbeam and oak forest. Also, you can get rest at several observation decks.

Up to the mountain Orjen that is up to the point of Vrbanj you can come from Herceg Novi by an asphalt road, for 45 minutes of walk. The recreational path is adequately marked, because it is often used by the Herceg Novi mountain climbers.

If you do not wish to get to far away from the town or your year vacation is a sufficient recreation, we still advise you to take a walk at least along the part of the path that is 6km long, that is the promenade Pet Danica (5 DANICA’S), which stretches next to the sea from Igalo and Meljine.

For the traditionalists which see the only recreation in sunbathing and swimming, Herceg Novi offers numerous beaches in nearer or further surrounding of Herceg Novi. The easiest way to reach them is to use the taxi boats or barges, your own car, numerous taxi vans or cabs. For those who can’t rest still, who love adventure and unknown places, to whom the distance is not a problem, except the visits of the beaches we suggest trips to coves, capes, islands or touring of some other coastal place. If during the day you wish to take a breathe from the challenges and get to know with the town a little bit better, you should walk down the Herceg Novi squares of Nikola Djurkovic, Belavista or Marsal Tito. Since Herceg Novi is also called a town of flowers, the affirmation that it did not get that name by accident will be confirmed by numerous parks with thick greenery and colorful flowers, in which you can rest, read some interesting book, or if you have children let them play freely. Herceg Novi is a sport town. Except the traditional sports of water polo and sailing, it also has developed tennis, basketball, minor football, one type of bowling, as well as diving. Several diving clubs is professionally engaged in diving and they organize almost on every day basis diving excursions for groups of beginners or individuals. The program contains: standardized diving courses, underwater shooting, renting and servicing of the equipment, safari as well as the night diving and diving excursions, and often they organize diving camps.