Herceg Novi

Where to go & what to see


All present existing modern and big hotels in Herceg Novi were built in the 1960’s. For that period is also connected the organized and intensive development of tourism in the area of Herceg Novi Riviera. In Herceg Novi, more specifically in the place called Zelenika, which is several kilometers away from the town, even today there is a hotel “Plaza Zelenika” (BEACH ZELENIKA), which is considered to be the first hotel on the Herceg Novi Riviera, and a precursor of the health tourism in Herceg Novi.

Beside that one, in town there are several other facilities which are intended for the health rehabilitation and recovery.

The best known health complex is Institute “Dr Simo Milosevic” in Igalo. For the improvement of the health state of the patient in Igalo, different techniques are being used such as: massages, electro therapies, hydro massages, healing water in the pools, healing mud etc…

The staying and the services of rehabilitation center in Igalo do not use just people with heavy injuries, rheumatic disorders, and extremity disorders, but also the sportsman, and convalescences.

Today in Herceg Novi there are 23 hotels. According to the opinion of the commission for grading of the quality and standard 4 hotels in Herceg Novi have 4 stars. Those are the hotels: “Villa Aleksandar”, “Jadranska straza” (ADRIATIC GUARD), “Perla”, and hotel “Xanadu” in Kumbor.

Three hotels have 3 stars: “Villa Mireli”, “Plaza”, and “Mediterranean health center”. 9 hotels have 2 stars, while 7 hotels in Herceg Novi have 1 star. Situated on the very shore, on the most famous Herceg Novi promenade Pet Danica (FIVE DANICA’S) hotels “Villa Aleksandar”, “Perla”, and “Plaza” with their contents and offer will make you experience all the beauty of Herceg Novi and its nature.

The mentioned hotels, except the accommodation in comfortable luxurious suites own various kinds of specialized restaurants, hotel villas, congress halls, open and indoor pools, trim cabinets, air conditioning, sun bathing terraces, and most often their own beaches.

When we are talking about the wishes of modern and wealthy tourists, we mandatory have to mention hotel “Xanadu”, which is situated in a place called Kumbor, which is 6 km away from the center of Herceg Novi. Except the luxurious and modern appearance, of hotels as well as rooms, and suites, the hotel owns a restaurant, a pool, sauna, gym, trim cabinet, tavern and its own parking lot.

On the very shore – 10 km away from Herceg Novi, there is another interesting facility. That is hotel “Delfin”. The hotel has a large restaurant – 660 seats in the open, a souvenir shop, a bookstore, a boutique, hair dresser, ambulance, disco club, terrains for little sports, 4 fitness halls and their own beach.

In Herceg Novi there are many beautiful hotels in which guests can feel very nice and where they can rest, both during the summer and during the winter.

At somewhat favorable prices than the hotel prices you can pleasantly rest in private rooms and apartments. Herceg Novi is full of such facilities which offer that type of accommodation. According to the records with which Tourist organization of town is familiar with, today in private accommodation in Herceg Novi there are over 20.000 beds. In private and very modern villas and suites there are more than 3.000 beds. The remaining part is made of private houses which mostly have rooms of first or second category.

Al the capacities in private accommodation have all the necessary comforts which satisfy the desires and which suit the standards of the modern guest. If for you are in Herceg Novi for the first time and you decide to stay in private accommodation, the information about the private accommodation capacities and possibilities of staying in them you can look over the internet or through 30 tourist agencies in town, but also in the Tourist organization of Herceg Novi.

The suites and mostly luxurious rooms which the majority of private houses and villas have are placed in very attractive locations, or are situated in such manner that from their balconies and terraces you can see Herceg Novi Riviera. Private housed and villas will offer you separate parking space for your car, and there is also a possibility of usage of private garage. Also, one share of private facilities intended for renting in Herceg Novi owns pools and terraces for rest and recreation, so you don’t have to spend an entire day on the beach.