Herceg Novi

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Herceg Novi – Food and Drink

Herceg Novi is another town in Montenegrin coast whose chefs in the restaurant – tourist facilities offer their guests the meals of the typical Mediterranean cuisine. It represents the union of easy meals, sea fruits and various kinds of fishes, vegetables and greenery, spiced with colors, tastes and aromas of the Adriatic.

Cooking specialties of the rich Mediterranean cuisine, such as fish and sea fruits from the Novi aquatorium, you can try in all Herceg Novi tourist – restaurant facilities, but also at numerous winter and summer fiestas, of which the most important is the traditional February “Mimosas fiesta“, which carries the name by a yellow flower of fragrant scent – mimosas, which is very wide spread over the entire area of Herceg Novi.

If you find yourself in Herceg Novi during the “Mimosas fiesta“, you will be thrilled with the city fiesta, which along the songs, dances and introspection of majorettes and other fiestas on the square (city harbor) creates good vibrations and transfers positive energy to numerous guests. On several stand points in town small or big fish is being fried, which is distributed for free to the guests and tourists. The same menu, with various red and white wines is dominant on other numerous fiestas in Herceg Novi.

Except the great number of hotels Herceg Novi also has 20 marvelous restaurants, which firstly offer traditional Montenegrin specialties such as: smoked ham, cheese, olives etc…

For the aperitif usually domestic Montenegrin vine grape brandy is being served, which is made by the hardworking restaurant owners, or they procure it from various areas of Montenegro in which vine grape of extra quality is being grown. However, as every good head of the household will suggest you to try the Mediterranean cuisine, you can choose some, as the nutritionists or gastronomes would say “easily digestive” meals such as sea fruit salad, grilled squids or finger like shells in a sauce.

If you are a gourmet then the fish menu, can serve you just as a pre course, and for the choice of the main meal we are sure that the experienced Herceg Novi cooks and restaurant owners will take care in a suitable way. With easier fish dinner usually white wines are being served. In recent years Mediterranean cuisine became unimaginable without various kinds of salads (made of vegetables and similar stuff), which are equally rich with vitamins and colorfulness and variety of tastes, which will without any doubt make happy mostly vegetarians.

Even though you have decided to taste something such as coastal or Mediterranean specialty, we are sure that your hunger will be stirred by the aromas of some other Mediterranean cuisines. A great number of restaurants in Herceg Novi offer: Italian lasagnas made in several different ways, pastas with various types of Mediterranean sauces and toppings, spaghetti with addition of parmesan, as well as many other tasteful and aromatic specialties.

If your organism still has the need for the food which contains increased calories, then we are suggesting different types of steaks, but also chops, prime quality steaks, ewe steaks or some other meal that is found in the rich menus of Herceg Novi restaurants and hotels. The complete indulgences with such a menu are various cooked vegetables and very tasteful and drinkable Montenegrin red wines.

The walk and the getting to know with the town you can supplement with staying in pleasant cafés, café – terraces, café – bars, or pastry shops. Except the various kinds of fruit juices or cold teas, vitamin drinks, ness or some other coffees you will enjoy sweetening yourself with various kinds of cakes and cookies. In every way it is up to you to make a choice, and Herceg Novi is always waiting for you. So welcome and bon appetite!