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Events in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi has a great number of manifestations. No matter how big tradition those event have, from year to year they should be complemented with new contents and make them interesting in that way. The additional cultural significance to Herceg Novi give artistic manifestations, such as painting and other colonies, film festival, book fair, but still, Herceg Novi is most famous by the Festivity of mimosas.

Festivity of mimosas

Festivity of mimosas is a manifestation that lasts more than 35 years. Usually it starts at the end of January and it ends in the beginning of March. Today it is one of the most important tourists – propaganda manifestations in Herceg Novi. The “Festivity of mimosas” got its name by a sumptuous, yellow mimosas flower, which is grown in Herceg Novi for centuries. Mimosas blooms in February, so mostly the festivity is connected to that month of the year.

The tradition of the “Festivity of mimosas includes numerous fiestas and carnival festivities (big carnivals for adults and children), introspection of majorettes (young girls dressed in gorgeous red uniforms who performing their dance acts usually give away bouquets of mimosas), caravans of mimosas (including the visits to various towns in Montenegro, Serbia and outside the borders of Montenegro), concerts of city music, as well as the “Montenegro mimosas Cup” the most important sport display of the “Festivity of mimosas“. Otherwise, the festival “Festivity of mimosas” is a member of the carnival towns of Europe since 1991. That manifestation is visited by increasing number of people every year.

Herceg Novi’s winter saloon

Herceg Novi’s winter saloon – As Herceg Novi is the artists’ town since the 1960’s as a part of the manifestation of the “Festivity of mimosas“, in February, a very prestigious fine art manifestation called “Herceg Novi’s winter saloon” takes place. The artists from the country and abroad from day to day present their achievements, so the opening of author’s exhibitions, on those days of February, in Herceg Novi is common. As a part of this festivity the visits of painters, literates, actors, public workers and many others are being organized often.

HAPS((HTAF) Herceg Novi April Theater Festivities)

HAPS ((HTAF) Herceg Novi April Theater Festivities) – is a theater manifestation which takes place during April. In the programs of HAPS – there used to participate amateur theaters from Former Yugoslavia. Today, however in the programs of HAPS we mostly have professional theaters. HAPS starts in the first half of April and lasts for 15 days.

Suncane skale (SUNNY STAIRS)

Suncane skale (SUNNY STAIRS) – is in the last few years a very popular and entertaining – musical manifestation. Except the singers from the domestic scene, it also gathers foreign interpreters. It is a competition and for the interpreters – winners there are some vary great awards provided. This music festival is very well broadcasted in media. Except the journalist, mostly TV crews from Serbia and Montenegro, the happenings on the festival are also marked by the crews from all states from the Former Yugoslavia, broadcasting directly from Herceg Novi.

Open book

Open book – Actually that is a book fair which ahs the international character, and is held in August and it lasts for about 15 days. On those days of August Herceg Novi is filled with writers, literates, and many others to whom book is more than just a pleasure. Also, the organizers are trying to prepare other contents which complement the fair such as with nights of the writers or poets, or socializing with the reading audience etc…

Herceg Novi film festival

Herceg Novi film festival – This manifestation used to be called Yugoslavian film festival. It is held in August. That is actually an introspection of domestic movies (from Serbia and Montenegro). Depending on the number of the applied movies, it is usually held in the first or the second decade of August. On Herceg Novi’s summer stage, that is, Kanli kula, where the movies are displayed, all seven days of the lasting of Herceg Novi film festival, there are a great number of funs of that art who carefully follow the last movie accomplishments from Serbia and Montenegro.

Memorial swimming marathon “Mario – Dido Maric”

Memorial swimming marathon “Mario – Dido Maric” – is another manifestation which is also held in August. The swimmers are competing on the distance from Zanjice to Igalo. That swimming marathon is actually a renewed tradition of the similar competition that used to exist even before the WW II. It is dedicated to Doctor Mario – Dido Maric who revitalized the marathon in 1980.

Cup Herceg Novi

Cup Herceg Novi – is a traditional sailing regatta. The sailors from all over Montenegro and Serbia compete in it, and in the last few years there are also competitors from ex Yugoslavian republics. Sailors are competing in the classes “krstas” (CRUSADER), “optimist”, and “laser”.

Two manifestations that have started recently to be held in Herceg Novi are Sailing memorial “Milenko Vujovic” and “Adriatic parachuting Cup“. Both manifestations are held in September.