Montenegrin National Meals:


Very popular and nourishing meals are a little bit different from the west European variant of this meal. Several centuries of presence of the Otoman Empire on these areas especially influenced the cuisine of Balkan people. The pie, in its various shapes, has stayed for the longest period of time a local specialty. Montenegrin housewives today are preparing several kinds of pies:

  • "Zeljanica" – tasty and easy, made of dock and other vegetables
  • "Sirnica" – rich with the stuff made of cheese and eggs
  • "Krompirusa"- made of potato and onion
  • "Uzljevak or Uzljevusa" – is a pie which made by baking of the mixture, without the so-called thin layers for the dough etc.

The process of preparation is the art for itself, especially when we are talking about the pie "sukaca". The pies made of domestic integral flour are a real delicates – we are recommending to you all the products made of buckwheat – extremely healthy and somewhat rear grain.