Montenegrin National Meals:


Rich with herbal kinds which lay all over the country on pastures, Montenegro is a real small paradise when we are talking about apiculture. Recognized in the world when we are talking about the quality of the honey, especially in the mountain part of Montenegro and Durmitor area, our country stands out also with a completely natural technology in production. The final product is obtained by the recipes of the masters which have the tradition of several centuries – some of them even today are selfishly keeping the secret of production of a quality honey.

Honey as a product allows a great span of accompanying products – propolis, exquisite remedy for immunity, and then various cosmetic effects.

On the pastures Montenegro abounds in peppermint and heather – from which the early (spurting in June) and late fall honey (spurting in September), so it is best that you ask for those two kinds. Depending on the wish of the buyer you can get the black locust, woods, floral, meadow and linden honey of which each of them suites a different metabolism.

In Montenegrin tradition honey survives as the food and the medicine, and it is being produced since the production of honey on the Balkan is known. On a traditional Montenegrin table a thing which is obligatory are fritters with honey, and in some rural areas of Montenegro you will have the opportunity to try it with the food with some of the local specialties such as roast etc.