Montenegrin National Meals:

Fish specialties

The south of Montenegro, especially the area around Skadar Lake, and of course the coast, abounds in quality fish, which the local citizenship prepares excellently in all occasions. Bleak, crucian, salmon, perch, bream and carp, with a drop of wine from Crmnica and a warm conversation will remain in the best gastronomic memory when we are talking about Montenegro.

The bleak is dried (smoked), and the smoked carp is a delicates par excellence. The specialty of the lake cuisine are carp in a casserole, with dry plums, which is being served with other fruits, carp in onion, eel with the rice and grilled eel, Atlantic salmon on grill etc. the fish otherwise in Montenegro is prepared in several ways – on grill with aromatic additives, unavoidable rosemary and olive oil, or fried with potato salade… a fish meals go well with domestic lemon, laurel, garlic and parsley.

Like the majority of Mediterranean cuisines Montenegrin cuisine too offers tuna, octopus salad, mussels, squids and shrimps.