Montenegrin National Meals:


When you think about a traditional Montenegrin desert you usually think of "priganice" (fritter), "Priganice" are easy and quick to prepare, and they are served with honey, jam or cheese. They can be served both as an easier dinner and as a desert.

Baklava - popular Turkish cake which is prepared also in Montenegro with a lot of walnuts and raisins.

Cream cake, whipped cream pie and "tulumba" are frequently served cakes on the Montenegrin table.

Jam – especially tasteful fruit desert in Montenegro. I is made from every fruit kind which exists in our country and it is of great quality. We will stress the ones made of plums and cornelian cherries.

"Slatko" (sweet) – desert a lot like jam, with more sugar and bigger pieces of fruit – especially nice are those made of quince and grape.

Doughnuts – this universal desert has found its way to the Montenegrin table where it is mostly being served with the milled sugar or with a topping made of chocolate.

Because of its geographical position and numerous civilizations which for a longer or shorter period of time stayed in this territory, Montenegro in its culture preserved numerous meals which those civilizations brought with themselves.Today Montenegro beside the numerous traditional meals is a real small mosaic of European cuisines.

The influence of the Italian cuisine you can sense not only on the coast, but also in the way that the pastry is being prepared, especially bread, as well as in the way the fruit, and cheeses are made etc. Sarma, musaka and pilaf are something that the entire east European civilization shares and the deserts have the taste of the continental Europe.

All of this make Montenegro an interesting space on which a gourmand will meet the entire Europe in just three daily meals, at the same time trying the best what Montenegro can offer on its menu – healthy, tasteful, and attractive food.