Cetinje, Lovcen, Njegusi and Kotor

We recommend this trip to history lovers. On this trip you will become acquainted with Montenegrin royal dynasty and you will come to know about Montenegro through its rulers.

Road leads to Cetinje, capital of Montenegro a proud town that in its time abounded in embassies and foreign representative buildings that even today imbue Cetinje.There are at Cetinje museums, King Nicolas Palace and Monastery of Cetinje where is kept relic – hand of St. John Baptist. One should also visit Biljarda building made by Petar II Petrovic Njegos, for state purpose that gained its name after billiard pool that this great philosopher, writer and statesman liked to play.

From Cetinje road leads to NP Lovcen where is mausoleum of Njegos built at very top of this mountain to which lead innumerable staircase. This is at the same time one of the loveliest Bellevue from where there is a view to Montenegrin littoral and when the weather is clear you can see coast of Italy.

What first wait you upon arrival at Njegusi, birth place of dynasty Petrovic, is hospitality of local inhabitants. With obligatory Njegusi ham and cheese they will offer also mead, healthy and unusual beverage. The house where was born Njegos is typical Montenegrin house built of stone and is inevitable location on this trip through history. There are kept memories and reminders to this exquisite man that gave as masterpiece as Wreath of Mountains that are among top world literature.

Narrow and winding road leads us to Kotor. This road in ancient times was the only connection of Cetinje and littoral. Scenery is breathtaking and pause for taking pictures is obligatory. View to BokaKotorska bay from up here is unreal. All Boka mirrors in blue color of the sea and Kotor tucked sleeps in breasts of high cliffs. After arrival at Kotor you only need a camera. Enjoy!!!

Cetinje, Lovcen, Njegusi, Kotor – Photo Gallery

Monastry Cetinje and Blue Palace

Biljarda And Cetinje

Lovcen And Mausoleum of Njegos


Skadar Lake

Trip at Scadar Lake, the largest bird reserve in Europe, is best to start at little place near Cetinje at Rijeka Crnojevica. In this enchanting little place was in love even King Nicola and made his winter retreat for its mild climate. Once Rijeka Crnojevica was main trading center in this region. The bridge was built by Prince Danilo in 1853 and is today trade mark of this place. Road will lead you further to the one picturesque fishing village Karuc. This lovely village is ideal for rest and fishing and also for its view of Scadar Lake from this place is one of the most beautiful.

It is best to view Scadar Lake from fishing boats (cun) that can be rented at Vir Pazar place that is your next destination. Vir Pazar is starting point for cruising at Scadar Lake. Marvelous sand beaches, monasteries, authentic village architecture and famous Crmnica wine with lake fish is all that waits for you at his unforgettable trip.

Rijeka Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevica And Skadar Lake


Monastery Ostrog

Travel to this shrine you can start by arrival to Cetinje. In Cetinje there are another religious destination Monastery of Cetinje. Monastery of Cetinje was built in 1701. Turks several times destroyed it but people rebuild it. There are kept relics of St. Petar Cetinjski one of the most glorious personality of history of Montenegro. Monastery of Cetinje represented spiritual and politic center of Montenegrin people.

Road leads further to Podgorica and then along green fields of Bjelopavlici plain toward Niksic where in its vicinity at height of 900 m is located Monastery of Ostrog. When you come for the first time in front of Monastery of Ostrog your first thought will be that this is not work of men. This glorious monastery is located high above Bjelopavlici plain, carved in stone that as though keep centennial secrets of this sanctuary. Monastery of Ostrog was founded by Metropolitan Vasilije in 17th century. The most impressive part of monastery is Gornji Ostrog. There are two small churches: upper church dedicated to Holy Cross. Other, lower church in upper Monastery is dedicated to Vavedenje of Holy Mary. Ostrog is visited by people of all religions and nations. This sanctuary is one of the most visited in Christian world. At return you can have a lunch at location and source of Glava Zete near Danilovgrad. Here you can treat yourself with river trout with inevitable glass of wine.

Monastery Ostrog – Photo Gallery

Monastry Cetinje And Ostrog

Durmitor & Tara

On this relatively short trip, lasts about 4 hours, change scenery that you do not think that are so near each other. From sunny shore of the Adriatic Sea in few hours you will come to highest in habited town at Balkans Zabljak where you will be greeted by cool mountain climate.

On start of trip road is leading across Scadar lake and through harsh canyon Platije. Later following river Tara and entering its grandiose canyon, second world largest after Colorado you will be greeted by magnificent bridge at Djurdjevica Tara that is above the River Tara 165 meters high. This is also excellent place for one of the loveliest photos taken at this trip. Marvelous mountain tops of Durmitor and mountain town Zabljak will cordially greet you only after an hour drive. Time spent by Black Lake located in center of conifer forest will remain unforgettable. From Zabljak to Black Lake leads nice done path 2 km long. Walking to the lake you will be followed by murmur of mountain streams, grandiose top Medjed and conifer forest that will at the end discover one of the most beautiful lakes of Montenegro that got its name after black conifer forest that eternally mirrors in it. On the way back from this interesting trip you can have a lunch by the River Tara and use time for another interesting photo story.

Mountain Durmitor and Tara River – Photo Gallery

Bridge On Tara River And Black Lake

Katun – Sedlo And Horses

Mountain Peak Medjed And Black Lake

Tara Rafting

You can enjoy one of the largest and the most beautiful canyons of Europe by rafting its wild beauty that in each corner hides scenes for which you must have camera with you. This unique feeling you can experience in archaic wooden rafts or in comfort of rubber boats. In any case the experience will be unrepeate.

Rafting starts at Splavista from where you start adventure 100 km long in the most beautiful and exciting part of canyon. Already at the beginning the Tara will enchant you with waterfalls of the Ljutica, you will pass under monumental bridge of the Tara 165 m high and than you will meet old Roman passage Lever Tara. Funjicki bukovi and Bijele ploce will remind you how calm and up to this moment nice Tara becomes wild beauty. Nisovo vrelo is the deepest part of canyon of 1100 m high. What expect you further is top Curevac (1650 m) that rises above Tara as its eternal guardian and one of the nicestbellevue of Durmitor, then waterfalls of Draga and Radovan luka. Canyon of Susica, Tepacki bukovi, Brstanovicki bukovi and Bailovica sige are memorable pictures of this trip. Waterfalls and white waters that leave you breathless and waterfalls that stop time will forever carve Tara in your heart to come all over again.

Rafting will and at Scepan polje with lunch or diner by river with experience that you will wait to repeat.

Tara Rafting – Photo Gallery

Tara Canyon and River Tara

River Tara and Radovan Luka

Boka Bay

Boka bay is among the loveliest in the world. It consists of four connected straits. It is all surrounded by steep cliffs that mirror in blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Perast, Risan, Gospa od Skrpjela and Kotor are places that have not be missed.

Trip goes first to Kotor, town of tradesmen and famous seamen. Old town of Kotor is the best preserved medieval urbane inhabitance typical for towns built in 12th and 14th century. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage made Kotor at list of UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage. All over the town there are buildings with narrow streets and squares. At one of them there is cathedral of St. Tripun. Monument of Roman culture and one of the recognizable symbols of the town.

From Kotor you fast reach Perast, marvelous coastal little town whose architecture bring us back to the times by gone. Perast is surely one of the strangest also for its history one of the loveliest places of BokaKotorska. Today it is also called the most silent town of Boka. Its narrow streets and numerous, mostly, left behind Renaissance and Baroque palaces witness of wealth of Boka Kotorska bay once, on days when here was lead luxurious life of its inhabitants. Perast was once town of seamen and known outside of Montenegro. There are even today seen famous stone houses and captains palaces. Island Gospa od Skrpjela is in close vicinity. Even you are in Perast hire a boat and off to the island.

Island Gospa od Skrpjela is one of two lovely islands in Boka Kotorska bay that are in sea near Perast in Kotor municipality. Other island that also one should visit is island St. Djordje. That island is also called Island of dead captains for according a legend one French soldier, shooting with a gun toward Perast, hit house of his loved one and killed her. That legend was the reason for masterpiece Island of the dead by Swiss painter Beklin. Island Gospa od Skrpjela was created as artificial island that according stories was created by seamen from Perast and Kotor bringing with their sailing vessels large stones. There is also a church at the island. According legend fishermen of Perast after one shipwreck found at a sea stone icon of Holy Mary with Christ and according custom vowed to build a church at the island. They did so in 1630. As the island must be cared for seamen continued to bring stones and tradition continues even today.

We leave Perast and islands behind and next destination is little town of Risan the oldest town of Boka. It is from 3rd century BC. It was craftsmen, seamen and tradesmen center of Illyrian state. By arrival of Romans in Risan were built palaces of the best Greek marble, decorated with glorious cultures and mosaic that are kept up to date and represent cultural richness of immense value. Among large number of mosaics stands mosaic of God Hypnos the only mosaic figure of dream god in the world.

Boka Bay Photo Gallery

Cathedral of St. Tripun And Wall Around Old Town Kotor

Kotor And Boka Bay


St. Djordje And Gospa od Skrpjela And Mosaic of God Hypnos – Risan