Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana is river island created artificially. In 19 th century in the vicinity of two smaller islands on the present location Ada Bojana sunk ship “Merito”. During the years on the wreck of this ship and islands nearby gathered river send and created this beautiful island. Ada Bojana is of rectangular shape. From one side swept by The Adriatic Sea and to other two the rive Bojana. The beach turned toward the sea is sandy and three km long and is a heaven for sailing. On the river bans of Ada Bojana there are many fish restaurants that in a traditional way catch fish.



If you have a strong will, stamina, courage, excess energy and wish for a rush of adrenaline, then Budva is the place for you. The words paragliding, aqua ski, bungee jumping probably sound interesting but if you can experience them all in one day in the same place, then this is the best reason to come to Budva to experience all of these challenges.


Paragliding flights take off from Braici at 760 metres altitude. Steering the paraglide with the help of an instructor in a tandem flight, you have the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable and charming views of the Budva coastline. No less exciting an experience awaits if you decide to go for a bungee jump. The 40-metre high platform is located along the southern edge of Budva bay, at the last part of Slovenska beach.


Budva is also ready for water skiing. The Aqua Ski Line is located at Becici beach, south of Budva, and offers the possibility of entertainment to all who wish for a more active and exciting holiday at the Budva coast. Aqua Ski Line is intended as much for curious tourists as for top sportsmen and instructors are always on hand for beginners.


If you love scuba diving, then Budva has several scuba diving clubs waiting for you. With professional and specialist help to hand, they can offer complete education and equipment. During the summer, the sea temperature at Budva reaches 21 to 25 C and diving is more than pleasant and simply calls for a search of the depths.



Because of its indescribable beauty and untouched nature Durmitor was as early as in 1952 proclaimed National park. National park Durmitor spreads from mountain massive of Durmitor with canyons of the rivers Tara, Susica and Draga to the canyon valley of the river Komarnica. Giant Durmitor abounds in imposing mountaintops and numerous glacier lakes surrounded by rich evergreen forests. Fast and clear rivers gifted Durmitor with magnificent canyons among them is exceptional the Tara River canyon as one of the most beautiful in the world. Plentiful flora and fauna of Durmitor attracts many nature lovers. Durmitor is World Natural Heritage.

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Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is literal translation of that word NO SEE. It is a privilege only to most stubborn, brave and immense lovers of nature. Mystery and excitement that take over you after mentioning canyon of Nevidio, ensure fact that it is explored only in 1965. First to see untouched pearl of nature were mountaineers of association Javorak from Niksic. Canyon Nevidio is in fact canyon of the River Komarnica. Its length is about 4 km and width in some places is amazing 25 cm. Rocks rising along canyon are so steep and passages are so narrow that in one moment that scene in true meaning of sense takes breath. Canyon Nevidio represents a kind of gallery of nature whose sculptures are carved by stones and water. Small quantity of light and river of so low temperature made flora and fauna to adapt to specific conditions and that makes canyon Nevidio secret and place of fairy tales. This tourist attraction of enormous wealth at end can be visited only by experienced and chosen mountaineers, those searching continuously for adventure. Canyon Nevidio although explored will remain distant for many and its stone piles will keep one of the loveliest masterpieces of nature of this region.

Tara Canyon

Canyon of the wild and untamed beauty of the Tara River second largest in the world, after the Colorado River canyon. During centuries this Tear of Europe got this art masterpiece of priceless value, creating numerous breathless gorges and river sinks. Waterfalls and calm parts of the River Tara give impression of fairy scenery. Banks are full with vegetation and special are forests of black pine trees four hundred years old. This restless river challenge visitors of adventurous spirit to let it grow and pass unforgettable moments in rafting its white waters.