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Churches and Monasteries in Budva

Many cultural and heritage monuments bear witness to the turbulent history of Budva and its surroundings. There are large numbers of historic and cultural monuments in Budva, including many monasteries and small churches. All these monuments vividly document the times gone by and the historic and social happenings along the Budva coast. Among the most famous cultural and historic monuments are: church of St. Ivan, built in the 7 th century AD, church of St. Mary’s of Punta from 840 AD and church of the Holy Trinity from 1804. Located north of Budva is the monastery of Stanjevici, where in 1798 the first Montenegrin Law was proclaimed.

The most important and frequently mentioned monastery and centre of literacy of the Pastrovici tribe (who from ancient times had an autonomous municipality consisting of 12 villages and who fought against all intruders – Turks, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians, Italians and also pirates) is Denasi, located on the hills above Sveti Stefan. It consists of three churches and some of the frescos date from the 17 th century. The monastery of Rezevici, between Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, is very luxurious even though its architecture dates back to the 13 th century. Not far from Petrovac is the monastery of Gradiste, a monument from the late Middle Ages. There are large numbers of smaller churches and monasteries located all over the Budva coastal region and all are expecting those tourists that enjoy visiting cultural and historic monuments.