Legend on Genesis of Budva

Budva and its inhabitants hold two mythical legends on the genesis of the name Budva. BUTHUA, BUTOBA, BUTUA today Budva is said to have derived its name from the most famous and authenticated story on the genesis of town's name, from the time of Stephanus of Byzantium from the 6 th century AD. It is written in the story of Philo of Byblos, from the 2 nd century AD, that the founding of Budva was connected to CADMUS, founder of the city of Thebes and mythical son of Phoenician King Agenor. Cadmus and his wife Harmonia were expelled from Thebes and in an oxen coach headed to the country of Enchilei (people of eels, the oldest known inhabitants of the region of Budva), where they founded a new city BOUTHOE Budva. According to this legend, Budva gained its name after the oxen (BOUS Greek for ox), that brought Cadmus and Harminia to Budva. According to other sources, Harmonia gave birth to a son, Illyrius. However, because of a murder that Cadmus had committed in his youth, punishment from the Gods was visited upon the couple and, according to the legend, Cadmus and Harmonia were turned into snakes.

Budva Sea