City Bar

Bar - Legend

Beside the sea ridge, situated at the very coast, stretching from what used to be the town of Pristan on the shore from Bar to Kufin, at the entrance to Pastrovici, once upon a time the galleys used to dock. Their owners, used to disembark there in order to trade goods and buy various victuals form Zeta and Crmnica. The natives from Bar and the surrounding area, labourers, well-known and ordinary people were getting used to that settled rhythm of life, which was dictated by the merchants. It continued to be like that until the time when the pirates from Ulcinj began to pillage the coast of Bar. The pirates from Ulcinj were notorious for their very bad misdeeds, pesterings and plundering both from the rich and the poor. The stories about pirates and their wrongdoings began to be spread, so ordinary people feared and panicked more and more at the very thought of the pirates` leaders. The pirates were so mighty and powerful so that no one could withstand them. They showed their defiance to the world and people as they were docking to the shores in their galleys crammed with various stolen objects and precious things which they robbed by intercepting and plundering ships that belonged to   merchants and nobility. Their treasure was getting greater with every day. A few pirates came to an idea that they should find a secret place at which their treasure would be safe, and where they could hide in case of danger. One day a pirate recalled that there was a mountain Sozina, where the galleys used to dock, not far away from   the sea shore, so they decided that it would be an ideal place for hiding. Short after, the pirates began to make caves and hiding places inside the mountain Sozina, and to conceal stolen treasure, weapons and slaves.

Among the slaves, once, there was a girl named Milja, who was unusually beautiful and attractive. The chiefs of pirates assigned Iljka to be her guard. Iljko was also young and handsome, and soon they fell in love with each other. Although they didn`t hide their love, Iljko and Milja couldn`t stay together for long. One day the other pirates began to talk about the love of the two young ones, and soon the pirate captain Djerlezi heared about that. Out of jealousy, he ordered Iljko to go away   and participate in some great retaliation which pirates were planing on the sea. Iljko went away, and Milja still stayed as a slave in the darkness of the cave.

Milja waited for a long time for her loved one to come back. She expected him to return every day, and she kept peering through a small hole in the cave, watching the grey sea, and longing for Iljko to come back. But time irrevocably passed away, and Iljko didn`t return. Finally Milja lost every hope of seeing him again. Being sorrow as she was, she decided to take her life away.

The next morning Milja rushed out of the cave and jumped into the sea from a very high cliff. Soon, Iljko did eventually return. When he heard how Milja, faithfully awaiting him, put an end to her life, he took a large amount of powder, put it into one part of the cave, and lit it. The powder made a big explosion.

As a consequence of that explosion, the hill in which the cave was situated, broke into two. The hill actually, according to the legend, cracked, and as the old people from Bar would say - tumbled into the sea and that is how SUTOMORE got its name ( «suturisati»-tumble, «more»-sea ).

That place today is touristucally most famous weekend resort place beside Bar, especially during summer. The well-known Sutromore beach is situated there.