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Events in Bar


Iit is actually a review of the TV creativeness, which is held in Bar since 1995. International TV festival is held in Bar usually in November and it lasts for several days. Participants of the festival are domestic authors but also a great number of TV producers from Europe and world. The review of TV creativeness has for a goal presentation and the contest of the producers in several segments of TV expression, and mostly in documentary and ecological program. In those days Bar is a host of numerous famous directors from Italy, Czech Republic, and Hungary as well as from Serbia and Montenegro. During the last day of the International TV festival, the expert jury gives various awards for the best shows in documentary, ecological and other programs.


Is also another interesting manifestation, which promotes culture and poetical creativity. This manifestation is traditionally held in Bar in November since 1987. It is mostly dedicated to children creativity as well as to works of children’s authors and poets. The manifestation “Under old olive tree” lasts for several days, and beside the presentation of books and collections of poetry of children’s authors, the program of the manifestation is characterized by painting and literary works on subject “Olive tree, peace and friendship”. For the most part the manifestation is held in place called Mirovica, where the trunk of the famous, over 2.000 years old olive tree is located. During the last day of the manifestation, Bar’s elementary school pupils, as well as writers plant an olive tree in the yards of primary schools, and as a wish for piece and friendship to be spread among people they symbolically throw the wreath made of olive branches into the sea.


Is another traditional manifestation, which is held in the interior of the municipality of Bar, more precisely in the place called Virpazar, which is several kilometers away from Bar. Considering the fact that the place Virpazar is located just next to Skadar Lake, the trademark of the manifestation from year to year is not just place Virpazar, former the most famous Montenegrin market, but the Skadar Lake entirely. To the “Festival of vine and bleak” numerous citizens from Bar, Podgorica, tourists and other visitor come, and beside the tasting of lake and river fish, enjoy in other famous and traditional specialties like: scrapples (fried, round sugary sweet), Montenegrin brandy but also the taste of well known vine from Crmnica, which is produced in Crmnica, which is several kilometers away from Virpazar. The manifestation usually lasts for a day and it is held in December.

MASLINIJADA (olive tree festival)

In recent years Bar and the people from Bar have tried to renew another tourist important manifestation which they named “Maslinijada”, which actually should represent the revision of the products that are extracted from the fruits of a fruitful native olive tree. The manifestation “Maslinijada” is held in December and for that it is famous, because visitors and tourists can enjoy watching but also tasting: olives, famous olive oil from Bar, citrus fruit, mandarins, oranges and other products typical for the coastal are, and especially for the area which encompasses municipality of Bar. Along with the entertainment program, “Maslinijada” is supplemented by the exhibition if the traditional folk costumes which used to be worn in Bar and its surrounding.

“GITARIJADA” (The guitar festival)

Is a manifestation of a recent date, which is held in Bar in January. Bar’s “Gitarijada” is actually more of a winter guitar school, whose purpose is gathering of the best young guitar players and professors from the state and the region. Beside the non-official manifestation has a competitive character.


For sure the most important cultural manifestation in Bar in general. “Bar’s chronicle” is held since 1988, during July and August. It is actually a multimedia festival of different contents, which includes: theater plays performed by theater troops from the state and abroad, exhibitions of paintings, literary evenings, concerts of spiritual and classical music… The programs of “Bar’s chronicle” are held on different mostly mounted stages on several locations in town.   It is interesting to mention that from the year 2003 in the program of “Bar’s Chronicle” “Mediterranean Book Fair” is included, whose purpose is to promote the space and the town in which the first written Slav monument “Genealogy of Bar” appeared.


This manifestation is held in place called “Murici” close to Skadar Lake. It is a manifestation of a recent date. The goal of “The days of ecology, tourism and culture” is the promotion of tourism on Skadar Lake and the surroundings.


Is the manifestation whose goal is supplementation of the tourist offer in place called Sutomore. “The days of suburbs” is held during July and August, and beside the amusement and cultural programs, manifestation aims to promote cultural heritage of Bar and the surroundings, and tasting Montenegrin and Mediterranean cuisine.


Is a manifestation held in place called Virpazar, some 40 kilometers away from Bar. “Crmnica sports games” usually commence in the mid of July and last until mid of August, and are held every weekend. The aim of the manifestation is the contest in several sports disciplines.


Is a manifestation of jovial character, which is held in Bar more specifically in place called Pecurice and it is held on the last week of July. The goal of the manifestation is to introduce numerous visitors and tourists with tradition, rich inheritance and cultural identity of that area of Bar. With plenteous food and the meals of traditional Montenegrin cuisine, manifestation “The days of Mrkojevici” is characterized by a suitable amusement and musical program, in which culturally – artistic societies are included.


Is a traditional manifestation, which lasts since 1988. That sports manifestation actually represents a swimming marathon on a relation Sutomore – Bar in the length of 5 kilometers. It is held in August, and mostly good anonymous swimmers or those who practice swimming as a hobby participate in it.


Is another sports manifestation, which is traditionally held in Bar since 1992. “Port cup” is actually, an international volleyball tournament for women, which in August gathers a great number of female volleyball clubs from Serbia and Montenegro.


The aim of the manifestation which is held in Bar in September is the promotion of agricultural products from the region of Bar and Skadar Lake. With a suitable entertaining musical and cultural program, manifestation called “Encounters of Farmers, Vineyardholders, Fruit Growers and Beekeepers” is held in place called Virpazar, which is several kilometers away from Bar.